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What Others Say About Our Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death Representation

“Jeff and I wanted you to know how thrilled we have been to have met you and have you handle our case. We hate the circumstances we had to meet under, but we value the advice and wisdom you brought to us at this terrible time. You went way above the call of duty with our case, and we will never forget you for that. Thank you so much for your care and concern that you gave through every moment of our case!” —Jeff & Heather Smith, Dover, TN [daughter killed by drunk driver]

Mr. Scarborough has been priceless to me during this trying time. An illegal immigrant tragically hurt my brother and his daughter. The illegal was drunk! He took the life of my niece and my brother’s health will never be the same. He has suffered severe head injuries. I did not know where to turn or what to do. Through this lawyer and that lawyer I finally found Mr. Scarborough. I became the family liaison, so to speak. I was the person who mostly dealt with Mr. Scarborough. He made some transitions that may have been “impossible” to possible. His guidance, knowledge, and powerful insight are what made many transitions easier for the family to handle. I know Mr. Scarborough cannot bring my family back to whole again, but he certainly has made a difference in my life. He has always been there with his reassuring words, his wisdom, his knowledge, and most important his encouragement. May God Bless him and his.
- Susan Derderian, Massachusetts

Before I chose your firm, I interviewed 6 or 7 attorneys who were highly recommended. I chose you because from our one conversation I felt as if I were speaking with a friend…Even though I live in Florida and Wyoming and your office is in Tennessee, I never had a doubt I could stand back and allow you to handle the case with integrity and wisdom. You patiently and caringly escorted me through a process I knew nothing about. Each time I called with a question or concern it was you who called back as if I were your only client. You made an impression on me that soothed the anger I felt as a victim of another’s destructive behavior. —Paula Sharpe, Sarasota, FL/Jackson Hole, WY

“……..we would like to think of it as divine intervention.  We had on several occasions seen Mr. Scarborough on the news discussing many topics and current events.  You only have to listen to him one time to know that he possesses knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, is dedicated to his beliefs, has compassion for the human race and is a very articulate speaker.  How many times has a problematic situation arisen in your community or nationwide or even for that matter world-wide and you find yourself saying, “Someone should do something about that!”  Well, we have found an individual that can take the job on and who will score a success – Ivy Scarborough. This individual will leave an impression on you for a lifetime. – Bob & Margie Simko

“After losing our 2 year old son, we were in need of a lawyer who could help with more than the monetary aspect of our case, and we were blessed to have you to help us.  You came with a whole heart and your kindness and guidance gave us the strength to see beyond our immediate pain.  The illegal status of the drunk driver did not cause you to waver or hesitate to extend your help to us.  We are most thankful that when challenges arose you stood firm by our side. – Keisuke & Lyn Tsuji [son killed by illegal alien drunk driver]

 “Ivy gave our case 100% of his attention. He is an outstanding attorney with a Christian heart. That meant a lot to my family.” —Ms. Tammy Hipps, Dyersburg, TN

 “Ivy represented my son in an auto crash and injury case where another party was responsible, but not willing to accept responsibility. Ivy handled the case in a very professional and caring manner with a high standard of ethics.” —Dr. Charles Pratt, Kenton, TN

"Ivy was sincerely dedicated to serving us in an honest, professional manner. He was always available to listen and give his advice at any time. He is the kind of professional we can recommend highly." —Jerry Peters [Personal Injury]

"There is nothing halfway about this man. He does everything 100%." —Lt. Col. Gil Ferguson USAF Retired, Humboldt, TN [Wrongful Death]

“Ivy and Ramona Scarborough are people of very high moral character. Their professional way of handling our case has left our family very grateful. We also feel that we have a lasting friendship with these fine people." —Larry and Peggy Guthrie, Allardt, TN [Personal Injury]

“Ivy represented my Mom and Grandmother after they had been hit by a drunk driver. During that time, no question was too trivial for Ivy or Ramona. They patiently described every step of the legal process. More importantly, they gave us emotional support that we really needed. And they always stood up for their Christian beliefs. I will always be grateful to Ivy and Ramona and will always treasure their friendship." —Jamie Lattanzi, Jamestown, TN [Personal Injury]

“I am certain I would not have received any benefits without Ivy's persistence, advice and direction." —Emily Exum, Jackson, TN [Personal Injury]