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What Others Say About Our Representation

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

“Jeff and I wanted you to know how thrilled we have been to have met you and have you handle our case. We hate the circumstances we had to meet under, but we value the advice and wisdom you brought to us at this terrible time. You went way above the call of duty with our case, and we will never forget you for that. Thank you so much for your care and concern that you gave through every moment of our case!”
—Jeff & Heather Smith, Dover, TN [daughter killed by drunk driver]

Mr. Scarborough has been priceless to me during this trying time. An illegal immigrant tragically hurt my brother and his daughter. The illegal was drunk! He took the life of my niece and my brother’s health will never be the same. He has suffered severe head injuries. I did not know where to turn or what to do. Through this lawyer and that lawyer I finally found Mr. Scarborough. I became the family liaison, so to speak. I was the person who mostly dealt with Mr. Scarborough. He made some transitions that may have been “impossible” to possible. His guidance, knowledge, and powerful insight are what made many transitions easier for the family to handle. I know Mr. Scarborough cannot bring my family back to whole again, but he certainly has made a difference in my life. He has always been there with his reassuring words, his wisdom, his knowledge, and most important his encouragement. May God Bless him and his.
- Susan Derderian, Massachusetts

Before I chose your firm, I interviewed 6 or 7 attorneys who were highly recommended. I chose you because from our one conversation I felt as if I were speaking with a friend…Even though I live in Florida and Wyoming and your office is in Tennessee, I never had a doubt I could stand back and allow you to handle the case with integrity and wisdom. You patiently and caringly escorted me through a process I knew nothing about. Each time I called with a question or concern it was you who called back as if I were your only client. You made an impression on me that soothed the anger I felt as a victim of another’s destructive behavior. —Paula Sharpe, Sarasota, FL/Jackson Hole, WY

“……..we would like to think of it as divine intervention.  We had on several occasions seen Mr. Scarborough on the news discussing many topics and current events.  You only have to listen to him one time to know that he possesses knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, is dedicated to his beliefs, has compassion for the human race and is a very articulate speaker.  How many times has a problematic situation arisen in your community or nationwide or even for that matter world-wide and you find yourself saying, “Someone should do something about that!”  Well, we have found an individual that can take the job on and who will score a success – Ivy Scarborough. This individual will leave an impression on you for a lifetime. – Bob & Margie Simko

“After losing our 2 year old son, we were in need of a lawyer who could help with more than the monetary aspect of our case, and we were blessed to have you to help us.  You came with a whole heart and your kindness and guidance gave us the strength to see beyond our immediate pain.  The illegal status of the drunk driver did not cause you to waver or hesitate to extend your help to us.  We are most thankful that when challenges arose you stood firm by our side. – Keisuke & Lyn Tsuji [son killed by illegal alien drunk driver]

 “Ivy gave our case 100% of his attention. He is an outstanding attorney with a Christian heart. That meant a lot to my family.” —Ms. Tammy Hipps, Dyersburg, TN

 “Ivy represented my son in an auto crash and injury case where another party was responsible, but not willing to accept responsibility. Ivy handled the case in a very professional and caring manner with a high standard of ethics.” —Dr. Charles Pratt, Kenton, TN

"Ivy was sincerely dedicated to serving us in an honest, professional manner. He was always available to listen and give his advice at any time. He is the kind of professional we can recommend highly." —Jerry Peters

"There is nothing halfway about this man. He does everything 100%." —Lt. Col. Gil Ferguson USAF Retired, Humboldt, TN

“Ivy and Ramona Scarborough are people of very high moral character. Their professional way of handling our case has left our family very grateful. We also feel that we have a lasting friendship with these fine people." —Larry and Peggy Guthrie, Allardt, TN

“Ivy represented my Mom and Grandmother after they had been hit by a drunk driver. During that time, no question was too trivial for Ivy or Ramona. They patiently described every step of the legal process. More importantly, they gave us emotional support that we really needed. And they always stood up for their Christian beliefs. I will always be grateful to Ivy and Ramona and will always treasure their friendship." —Jamie Lattanzi, Jamestown, TN

“I am certain I would not have received any benefits without Ivy's persistence, advice and direction." —Emily Exum, Jackson, TN

"I knew Ivy would give [our case] 100% of his attention. He is an outstanding attorney with a Christian heart. That meant a lot to my family."
—Ms. Tammy Hipps & Jordan, Dyersburg, TN

"All I can say is Ivy's concern for people is great. All the dealings [my late husband] and I had with him were a success. Some were pretty bad problems, but Ivy came through. My husband never knew any lawyer or friend as great and loyal as Ivy." —Ms. Betty Wahab, Jackson, TN

"Ivy handled my legal matters efficiently and with dispatch. With my professional background this was particularly important to me." —Col. Clyde Gregory, Jr. (Retired) Waverly, TN

Adoption and Family

"We found Ivy to be very personable and straight forward. He let us know how things would proceed, in what timeframe, and the costs. He produced results in a timely manner, where another attorney stated it would be very lengthy and costly. Also, Ivy thoroughly explains everything where it is understandable, and will take the extra time to answer any and all questions." —David & Nancy Atchison, Jackson, TN

"Ivy was my attorney in a very stressful case. The two main things I remember about him were the fact he made sure every angle was covered before we went to court and the interest he took in me as a person." —Jimmy Butler, Jackson, TN

"This is a word of thanks for the way you are handling our case. I remain optimistic about the outcome. Thank you for your concern and generosity. We truly appreciate you." —Mr. Jim Bingham, Jackson, TN

"We appreciate all that you have meant to our family over the years, both as a lawyer and a friend. You have always been a source of wise counsel and expert legal advice as well as a strong shoulder for us to lean on."
—Rev. Bill and Ann Luther

Church and Ministry

"The Lord and His Church are at the forefront of Ivy Scarborough's life.....The seminars he presents get to the very heart of prevention and response. He does a remarkable job of presenting exactly what needs to be heard by every church, pastor and staff member....He captures your attention." —Dr. Herbert Higdon, Past President, TN Baptist Convention

"Ivy loves Christ and has a strong desire to honor Him with his life. He has a transparent love for people.....a very caring person who has a servant's heart." —Dr. John Adams, Retired VP for Religious Affairs, Union Univ., Jackson, TN

"Thank you for conducting such a practical seminar.....the topics were right on target.....You were able to present the material in a way that was easy to understand. It was refreshing to hear someone who represents Christ in a very effective way in the secular world. This seminar is an invaluable tool for any church or association that wants to better prepare their people for church life in this new century." —Rev. Kelly Campbell, Martin, TN

"Mr. Scarborough does a fantastic job." —Betty Grantham, Hardeman Cty., TN

"The seminar was very helpful and very well organized. The handbook is a great tool. It is very well put together and I am still using it. The seminar never became boring and I really enjoyed it. Those areas discussed were things churches need to know about." —Rev. John Coleman, Ridgely, TN

"Very well presented clear, to the point, and very eye opening. The strength of the seminar to me was the presenter. Ivy related well with his audience. He is very personable and does not overpower his audience by being a lawyer. —Rev. Jerry Essary, Martin, TN,

"Very good seminar. I wouldn't change anything. The seminar handbook is very informative, very helpful to our ministers and churches." — Rev. Wayne Chester, TN Superintendent, United Pentecostal Churches

"This seminar was extremely informative and beneficial. This is extremely needed information. Great use of Scripture support. We need more lawyers like Mr. Scarborough!" —Rev. Curtis Howard, Beech Bluff, TN

"Excellent. I don't know how it could be better." —Rev. Larry Corder, Bolivar, TN

"The seminar was simply stated, so that it was understandable and relevant. I appreciate our denominational leaders realizing our needs in this area and bringing us someone of the caliber of Ivy Scarborough." —Rev. Jack Tidrick, Dayton, TN

"Mr. Scarborough did a great job - very informative, very straightforward, yet with kindness. Thanks to him for his Dedication!" —Rev. Paul Stringer, Livingston, TN

"Very good! Very Informative! Very sincere! An impressive presentation! Very good information on very important issues—good protective measures for the church’s welfare." —Rev. Ray Carson, Goodlettsville, TN

"I have known Ivy, and before him, his parents and grandparents since I was a student at Union University in the 1940's. These people are like ‘pure gold’. Ivy is committed to ministry and to helping pastors and congregations." —Dr. T.T. Crabtree, Springfield, MO, Dean of Southwest Baptist University, College of Christian Studies (Retired), Author of The Zondervan Pastor's Annual [Church Representation]

"I learned a lot from Mr. Scarborough I never even considered." —Edward Layton, Hardeman Cty., TN

"A very good view of where the church is in the world today, and presented in a very concise and tasteful manner." —Rev. and Ms. Wayne Spencer, Martin, TN

"It is great to know that a Christian like Mr. Scarborough has such concern for churches. His work is very well thought through." —JoAnn Ridley, Hardeman Cty., TN

"Ivy is a dedicated servant of Jesus Christ. His faith is revealed in his integrity and dignity." —Dr. Bob Elliott, Vice President, Union University (Retired)

"This man puts God first. These were modern topics that deal with today’s problems." —Rev. Jerry Leggett, Union City, TN

"Two of the great strengths of Ivy's work are his interaction with people and his knowledge." —Rev. Larry Essary, Union City, TN

"The strength of his advice is the fact that Mr. Scarborough has had actual experience in so many situations." —Joe Griggs, Ripley, TN

"You did a great job and introduced our people to the problems they face." —Rev. Joe Naylor, Dyersburg, TN

"Very impressive." —Herbert Raines, Hardeman Cty., TN

"We appreciate the kind, professional, and Christian manner in which Mr. Scarborough has handled our church's legal matters. We feel he is genuinely concerned about us and protective of our interests." —Rev. Ron Brown, Pastor Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church, Jackson, TN.

"A lawyer with Christian morals and ethics! What a tremendous difference Ivy made in our case. His confidence, stature, and boldness in the court room, as well as his compassion for his clients, are exemplary. Without question, [being a lawyer] isn't just a job to Ivy, it is a ministry." —Rev. Curtis Howard, Jackson, TN

“I was extremely pleased with your handling of the incorporation of our church. Throughout the process I knew exactly what was going on. This helped us in keeping our people informed. For us, the process was a great experience.” -Rev. John Girdley, First Baptist Church, Parma, MO

“On behalf of our entire church body, I want to thank you so much for your excellent job of incorporating our church. Your organization and attention to every detail made the process so much easier and faster. May God continue to bless your ministry.” -Lester Oliphant, First Baptist Church of Waverly, TN

"Thanks again Brother for all your wisdom and counsel related to our church and school incorporation. Your clear articulation of the salient points solidified the matter in the hearts and minds of the men……The men voted unanimously to incorporate." -Jim Avery – Faith-Heritage Baptist Church & School Memphis

“On behalf of the Jackson prayer Center I want to thank you for all of your labors on behalf of our incorporation.” -Elizabeth Taylor, Jackson Prayer Center, Jackson, TN

“Very Good! Very clear and precise!" -Rev. Thomas Winchester, Union Friendship Baptist Church, Henry, TN

“I was really impressed with your business. Everyone was kind and very helpful throughout our process of incorporation. The communication was great and all the information was clear and very helpful.” -Rev. Josh Glandon, Belmont Heights Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN

“I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of service. [Your materials] were excellent.” -Rev. Gene Hanna, First Pentecostal Church, Crump, TN

“ Our incorporation went much smoother than I would have imagined. Your materials were also very clear.”
-Rev. Glenn Harris, Old Friendship Baptist Church, Henderson, TN

“Excellent! Bro. Scarborough was most helpful; I never sensed impatience from him or his staff. They were very efficient and very informative on all matters discussed.” -Rev. Larry Bryant, New Friendship Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN

“The incorporation was handled with integrity and satisfaction, but also with the expediency we were looking for. The directions were clearly laid out.” -Rev. Jim Twilbeck, Director of Missions, Western Dist. Bapt. Assoc., Paris, TN

“Your incorporation of our church was handled professionally, thoroughly, and in a timely manner. The process is quite clear. I don’t know what you would do to make it easier.” -Rev. Mark McCullough, Bethel Baptist Church, Roddy, TN

“Our incorporation was straight forward and understandable. Tasks were accomplished in a timely manner.” -Mr. Jerry Christian, First Baptist Church, Kingston, TN

“Your incorporation of our church was timely, helpful, thorough, inclusive, and clear.” -Rev. Mike Nolan, First Baptist Church, Dyer, TN

“Your staff made the incorporation process very easy on our part. We appreciate everything your office did to make this a very simple process. Thank you for handling this for us.” -Mr. Eddie McKelvy, Gearin’s Chapel Baptist Church, Dresden, TN

“Let me express my sincere thanks for your help in guiding Pleasant Plains Baptist Church through the incorporation. The Lord is using you in this unique ministry, and I am grateful for your willingness to serve in this capacity.” -Mr. Gary Wheeler, Pleasant Plains Baptist Church, Jackson, TN

“Your services were very helpful in incorporating our church.” -Mr. Wayne Olmstead, Deer Lodge Baptist Church, Deer Lodge, TN

“I was pleased with this entire incorporation process. It was precise and simple to carry out. Your staff was pleasant and efficient in carrying us through this task.” -Rev. Thomas Bester, Forerunner Baptist Church, Ripley, TN

“You made this incorporation easy for us. I would recommend your services to any church.” -Rev. William Shipman, Old Ocoee Baptist Church, Benton, TN

“Your incorporation of our church was very precise, very prompt, and very informative.” -Rev. Roger Stepp, Chestuee Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN

“Your incorporation of our church was handled professionally and very courteously – we were always encouraged to call and ask if there was something we didn’t understand. Thanks for the great job.” -Rev. Bill Sharp, First Baptist Church, Minor Hill, TN

“If we have any further need you will be the one we will use. As a church we were impressed with your professionalism, how quickly you got our incorporation done, and the way you detailed every step you took and explained the reason you did it that way.” -Rev. Larry Dukes, Point Pleasant Baptist Church, Buchanan, TN

“Our incorporation was well done and gives us much more of a sense of security.” -Rev. Jerry Barker, Parkburg Baptist Church, Pinson, TN

“Thank you for the excellent work you have done to get our church incorporated. You did a great job! Punctual, efficient, and helpful. I am thankful for the ministry God has given you in this area and for your expertise. I pray that God will continue to use your expertise and commitment to Christ to minister to churches.” -Rev. David Young, Pleasant Plains Baptist Church, Jackson, TN


"Thanks for your excellent presentations on Conflict Management in our in-service sessions ... your personal style of instruction and use of real-world situations proved quite effective. As you can tell from the course evaluations, your sessions were highly rated and very much enjoyed." —Lt. John Lambert, Jackson TN Police Department

"Law enforcement officers are a tough audience. The fact that you held two sessions spellbound for half a day says a lot for your presentation. All the feedback that I have received has been very positive! I’m asking you now to reserve a slot for us next year. Material concerning Conflict Management is hard to come by. Your lesson plan is the most comprehensive that I have ever heard. Combine this with your dynamic personality and been-there-experience and you have the secret for an ultra successful program." —Lt. Curtis Baxter, Humboldt TN Police Department