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Ivy Scarborough

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Lawyer; television, radio and print commentator; speaker; author; radio program host; former adjunct professor of international studies, history and political science at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee; and professional mediator.

Speaking, writing, teaching and commentary focused on international affairs, the Christian faith, national defense, terrorism and world religion.

INTERESTS: Avid reader (various translations of the Bible, history, biography, philosophy, military history and tactics, theology, psychology, sociology); physical fitness enthusiast (weight training, cross country running, swimming), firearms and shooting (especially tactical and combat weapons); private pilot of Helio Courier 700 STOL airplane; member of the “Red Hats” (The Society of the Vietnamese Airborne).

FAMILY: Ivy and his wife Mona, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, live near Jackson, Tennessee.

CONTACT: Phone: 1-844-IVYSLAW.

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