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Since the recent Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage, we have received innumerable calls from churches and pastors asking what they can do to protect themselves from possible lawsuits, etc.
I am advising all to be prepared because SCOTUS has given the forces arrayed against Biblical morality reason to be emboldened like never before.

Lawsuits will likely escalate in number and intensity. I expect Christian businesses to be targets as well.
The days of ease and a sense of security are over. Churches must adopt a completely new mindset as well as new and very different procedures and policies.

Providing guidance on what to do to protect pastors, churches, ministries and other Christian organizations is complex. It cannot be encompassed within one lengthy email or a long phone conversation. I advise churches to first review the Church/Pastor Protection Checklist which is part of our new program and follow through on everything specified there. Click here for a PDF of the Church/Pastor Protection Checklist.

Then they should implement our new Church & Pastor Protection Program, which grew out of the recent Church Conference on Homosexuality & Sexual Misconduct where I presented a series of approaches to provide protections.

Our new Protection Program consists of:

3 DVDs of video presentation in which I provide background information from an historical and Biblical standpoint describing:

  • what is taking place in the culture,
  • what Christians can expect to occur over the coming months and years, and
  • how Christians and churches can best respond,
  • how they can best protect themselves, and
  • how pastors will find these DVDs useful in the preparation of sermons.

A CD containing multiple Model Forms designed to protect the church, such as:

  • proposed bylaw changes,
  • Declarations of Doctrine and Belief,
  • Church Facilities Use policies,
  • Marriage policy,
  • Cemetery use policy,
  • Employment Applications, and
  • Membership Agreements/Applications, etc.

A Handbook on Prevention of Legal Problems and Lawsuits describing how to avoid many legal problems and lawsuits and what to do if they occur.

Pre-Orders are being taken now at a discount. Any church or ministry preordering now benefits from a lower cost and no shipping charges.

Churches can choose from 3 Plans:

1) Basic Plan – consisting of everything described above. $287
2) Intermediate Plan – Basic Plan plus 2 hours consultation time including a review by us of all new documents or forms produced by your church with a written assessment and recommendations for any needed changes. $687
3) Advanced Plan (Designed to Provide Crisis Avoidance/Crisis Management With Our Expertise)  
Entitles Church client to a total of 6 hours consultation over 6 months.
The following benefits would accrue:
  1. Low first hours consultation cost. Consultation time each month of 2 hours at $120 per hour rate. (Our usual rate is $240 per hour, therefore this Plan cuts the cost in half for these initial consultations).
  2. 25% off All Fees. All additional time or services would be billed at the reduced rate of 25% off existing rates. (Which would mean our in-office rate of $240 per hour would be reduced to $180 and our out-of-office rate of $250 would be reduced to $190.)
  3. Emergency Access - The pastor (and anyone designated) will be provided with contact information, even for use on weekends/holidays. A nation-wide toll free number (844-IVYSLAW) is answered 24/7 by a live answering service to get messages to me.
  4. Periodic important Informational or warning NOTIFICATIONS will be sent via email apprising the pastor of any new developments or causes for concern he should know about.
  5. Mediation services at Plan 2 discount rates - This would include services for internal church conflict and family conflicts.
  6. Free Lawyer Referral Service – Legal needs of a specialized nature or in a particular area will be addressed by providing referrals to competent and trustworthy lawyers.
  7. On-site training at Plan 2 discounts for church staff and leadership, designed to prevent the problems most common to churches, teaching how to effectively address them if they occur.
$787 +
$200 per Month

We welcome inquiries via our toll free number
(844-IVYSLAW) or email ( ).